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What solutions for a green logistics?

Today, online sales have become our daily life, we buy and sell constantly on the internet which has led to an increase in polluting emissions. The awareness of consumers is pushing manufacturers to transform their supply chain into green logistics!

So at Club Tina, we decided to share our tips for greener logistics!

When Club Tina was created, we thought about how to have less environmental impact with our logistics and avoid using too much packaging. Without a budget, we opted for collecting boxes in front of supermarkets. We then sent our parcels in boxes with some famous brands like Lays. It was out of context but funny. Now we reuse our boxes until their end of life

As for the transport, in Paris or suburbs, we always privileged the deliveries by bike with the Stuart application. Otherwise, when the distance is not too far, we make our deliveries ourselves with our bikes. For the anecdote, we almost bought a cart to hang our bikes and transport easily our articles. In addition, to avoid long journeys, we have established our offices in the heart of the Sentier district, to be as close as possible to our French workshops. Finally, we always ask our suppliers not to add plastic packaging to their packages.

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We wanted to introduce you to a new concept that we recently discovered, it's a great alternative for packaging. The company is Coqli. It allows companies to design from A to Z personalized and customized packaging. Everything can be modified and adapted: the size, the material, the flute and the personalization thanks to the 3D editor!

  • The good news: from 12 copies it's possible, so professionals and individuals alike can use it!
  • The competitive advantage: accentuate the wow effect as soon as your employees or vinted customers receive the package!
  • The MUST: All this, of course Made in France and adaptable to all your products so bye bye the useless empty boxes!
    You can directly see their offers on their site

In the meantime, we promise to keep you up to date on the other cool tips we find at Club tina!