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La seconde main et ses ouvertures

Whether one is used to the practice of second hand or not, the trend is notable and for good reason, between 2019 and 2021, the number of second hand purchases in the field of ready-to-wear has galloped to an increase of 140%. But what are the advantages and opportunities offered by second-hand clothing?

A more economical solution ...**

Don't be fooled, the first reason is economic for most consumers. Finding parts in perfect condition and cheaper than the original price makes people want to buy. Moreover, the arguments put forward here coincide with the arguments in favor of hyper fast-fashion companies 😉

... in favor of the planet ...

By definition, buying second hand is acquiring a piece that does not require a new production cycle and thus engages less or no pollution depending on how you sell. P.S.: the part of your dreams surely already exists, look for it in second hand!

... which avoids overstocking !

Second hand is not only beneficial for buyers, but also for sellers. These people enjoy parting with pieces they no longer wear and that are clogging closets, in exchange for money they can redistribute in other ways!

PPS: Of all styles

Indeed, in the second hand, no need to wait for a style to come back in fashion, you will find everything, all the time.

Companies, the forgotten ones of second hand**

Second hand is not just for individuals and businesses are often the forgotten ones in the industry.

Fortunately, Club Tina is there! With our "Second Hand" offer (https://clubtina.fr/seconde-main), unite your team around responsible clothing!

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