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A responsible way to equip your teams


Our "Second Hand" and "Unsold" offers from Club Tina are nuggets imagined by our team. We first asked ourselves the question: How to combine the trend and benefits of second hand with our personalized team textiles service?

Thus, we developed a clear and simple process after receiving your order →

  • Once your order is placed, depending on your choice (Second Hand Offer or Unsold), we either collect textiles that are already used and still in good condition, or else, unsold. In this way, you participate in the recycling of textiles already produced and do not engage in production! Bravo ;)

N.B.: In the Second Hand offer (only), you do not have the possibility to choose the colors, which will also NOT be uniform. It is the designs on the textiles that give and reflect the spirit of belonging to the team! And all this while respecting the environment!

  • Your logo or design is then embroidered by our workshops! This is the key moment of transformation of the textile into an element of belonging to the team.

  • Then you just have to wait for your textiles to be delivered to you! On our side, we clean them, we iron them and we sublimate them!

  • Last step: You receive your pieces in a beautiful Club Tina packaging (responsible, like the rest) and send us a photo of you and your team wearing them!