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Customized polo shirt with adhesive patches

Focus on the Sopra Steria project; eco-responsible personalized polo shirts.

Last summer, the company Sopra Steria called upon Club Tina for the realization of their personalized polo shirts for a company seminar.

The result: a personalized polo shirt with adhesive, playful and eco-responsible patches.

When Sopra Steria contacted us, the brief was clear: to avoid producing yet another personalized embroidered polo shirt that would end up in the back of their employee's closet. It is in this logic of eco-responsibility that they chose to call upon Club Tina.

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Club Tina's proposal: combine a basic from our "local" collection with our custom patches (adhesives) to form a polo to custom. Once the adhesive patches are removed, the polo could be reused as a plain basic, like a must-have in our wardrobes.

A glimpse of the finished custom polo shirt just to the right:

The 3 embroidered patches, represent the 3 major themes: water, electricity and gas.

At the event, custom polo shirts won the award for best outfit in the eco-responsible category:

  • The personalized patches allow to be interchanged, cumulated, removed.. Thus, by removing them, they allow the personalized polo to be reused at another event or worn by employees outside of work.
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But what about the personalized patches once they are removed? Are they single use?

  • Thanks to a high quality adhesive, the personalized adhesive patch can be reused and glued on other surfaces than textile. Mathilde from Sopra Steria gave us feedback on the use of the personalized polo shirts:

"After the event, we used the patches by sticking them on our computers. Even if they were glued/unglued several times, they stayed in place and didn't move."

An original way to reuse the patches, many others are possible, let your imagination guide you!

Thanks to the concept of patches, the personalized polo shirts designed especially for this event will not end up forgotten in the cupboards. Patch or textile base (polo), they will easily find other uses...

You need to produce a personalized polo shirt for your company or association? But you want to do it in an eco-responsible way ? just go here.

Contact us now, we will be happy to assist you in your project.