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Best seller of the moment at Club tina : the organic t-shirt - oversize model

Personalized organic t-shirt with a trendy and eco-responsible oversized cut

At the beginning of this week, we present you our best seller of the month and explain why the customized oversized organic t-shirt is the personalized clothing of the moment.

But to begin with, what do we mean by "personalized organic t-shirt"?

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Cotton is a raw material widely used for the creation of our clothes and is very widespread (40% of the world textile production). On average 25.5 million tons of cotton are produced in the world and 2 to 3% of the land is monopolized. Over the years, cotton has brought to light several problems related to the environment:

  • Drought: cotton is a very large consumer of water. Indeed, for 1 kilogram of cotton it takes 10,000 liters of water.
  • The use of chemicals and toxic products: To transform the raw material into fabric, the use of chemicals has become common in some countries to wash and bleach cotton. Also heavy and toxic metals are used to dye the cotton. The lack of infrastructure with ground water leads the factories to throw the polluted water into the rivers.
  • Soil pollution: In order to make cotton grow faster, fertilizers and pesticides are sprayed en masse. The air and soil end up being very polluted and impacting fauna, flora and humans.

This is why, in order to preserve the environment, many companies and consumers prefer ecological organic cotton. The principle is to replace pesticides and chemicals by organic and natural fertilizers. But also to avoid the addition of substances or use healthy products for processing and dyeing.

Several labels exist, to find a personalized organic t-shirt. At Club Tina, our organic oversized t-shirts are certified GOTS (Global organic textile standard). This label certifies that the products are not harmful to health and that they respect the environment, but also that the people involved in the creation work in good conditions.

Why is our oversized organic t-shirt so successful?

  • The oversized organic t-shirt - a trendy cut : For a few years now, the oversized cut has become a must in the fashion world. Present on all the catwalks, the oversize cut is fluid and comfortable. Everyone has adopted this style!
  • The oversized organic t-shirt - a lower impact: For a conventional cotton t-shirt, it takes 2,500 liters of water compared to 100 liters of water for an organic cotton t-shirt.
  • The oversized organic t-shirt - a communication object about your commitment: By personalizing your t-shirts in a professional context, you transmit a message to your clients and partners (more details in our article "3 reasons to offer a personalized embroidered sweatshirt for Christmas"). By choosing Club Tina, you show your commitment in terms of CSR and your implication in your eco-responsible steps.

Club Tina gives a particular importance to the textile base (basic clothing without marking) of its products. Indeed, we think, design, and produce our clothes in partnership with a small Portuguese workshop.

It is by keeping the hand on all the production process that we manage to propose products of quality, durable, eco-responsible, and whose cut fits perfectly to various morphologies: Our customized oversize organic t-shirt is unisex.

Our oversized organic t-shirts, in photo

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Quitterie wears size S and is 1m70

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César wears M and measures 1m83

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