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The personalized iron-on patch to valorize/reward your employees

The personalized iron-on patch, an original offer in the personalization of professional ethical clothing

You want to value/reward your employees? With customized iron-on patches (or also called personalized iron-on patches) it becomes a possibility. During an event, you want to add a logo on your already personalized clothing? Order custom iron-on patches made just for you!

Club Tina advises, accompanies and manages all the textile needs of companies, whether they are more or less technical, more or less design.

In addition to the proposed offers of clothing personalization, Club Tina proposes to companies a solution to value/reward your employees, but also to reduce your environmental impact and to make the most of your purchased textiles thanks to the personalized iron-on patch.

The personalized embroidered patches can be stuck on all textile materials giving a high quality. The concept is simple, you buy a sweater in the color of your choice then you order the personalized iron-on patches to simply add them to the desired location.

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Each personalized iron-on patch is embroidered according to your request! You can therefore let your employees' imagination run wild by offering them the choice of the location of the personalized iron-on patch of their choice: the size, the color, the shape and the edges, everything is possible!

The personalized iron-on patch is a style but also several advantages for your company:

  • Unite your teams with a mark of belonging;
  • Communicate your commitments and values;
  • Add your personal touch by embroidering the first names;
  • Differentiate yourself, even with a small budget!
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In addition to iron-on patches, we offer other types of personalized patches:

  • The adhesive patch: personalized patch reusable on other clothes or objects. you will be able to change your personalization without changing your clothes!
  • The velcro patch : personalized scratch patch Take them everywhere, they are small and effective! You will be able to stick them, remove and replace them!

Find all our offer in details here ! Do you already know which custom iron-on badges are right for you? Do not hesitate to contact us or to request a quote !