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The personalized iron-on patch

corporate gift idea

Christmas is approaching, and you want to give a little attention to your employees?

Think outside the box, be original and offer personalized iron-on patches to your teams.

Rectangular, round, oval, diamond-shaped or even cut to size... to be applied on a sweater, a tshirt, a cap, a beanie... In short, the iron-on patch allows you to customize your products endlessly and in your company's colors.

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**How does it work?

Super easy! No need to know how to sew or use a heat press, the personalized iron-on patch can be attached to any type of fabric with a quick ironing (30sec).

**Why choose a personalized iron-on patch?

The personalized patch, often called a personalized patch, is mostly offered at events to thank teams for their work, but it has other advantages!

  • The personalized iron-on patch to communicate**: we make your patches completely custom, so you can highlight the DA of your company as you wish. It is a very good communication tool, original, which differs from a classic embroidery, giving relief to your logo.

  • The personalized iron-on patch to federate**: this personalized iron-on patch allows you to create a real feeling of belonging.

  • The personalized iron-on patch for a little more freedom**: by providing the patch, employees can choose the location of the patch (heart, centered, shoulder, neck ...) let your imagination run wild.

How to order the Club tina iron-on patches?

  • Request a quote

    Via the website

  • Recall within 48 hours

    To specify your needs

  • Receipt of the model

    Within 48 hours

  • Launch of the production

    2/3 weeks according to order

Our personalized iron-on patches are made in France, and totally customized, so you can choose :

  • The shape
  • The dimensions
  • The edges (rounded or not)
  • The colors
  • The visuals ...

For your information, our custom patches are also available with bases: