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Où en est Club Tina ?

Découvre la team Club Tina

For about 4 months now, we have launched the Club Tina website and continue to develop our business around our own values. The 4 offers that we have elaborated beforehand have allowed us to stand out but also to make a place for ourselves in the competitive world of personalized professional clothing. But how did we get here and what are our future developments?

It is in December 2021 that the idea germinates in the head of the two co-founders of Club Tina: Marie and Astrid.

Already teammates on a former activity working for the ethical and local fashion, they knew how to reorganize the heavy work already done in order to direct it towards a more promising sector and clientele. Indeed, by moving from a BTOC operation to a BTOB operation, the possibilities of evolution and impact were more important.

In this way, they imagined offers that were distinct from each other:

  • Second hand or end of stocks of major brands: * a revaluation of basics and timeless (T-shirts, sweatshirts, military jackets ...) by customizing them to your colors. This avoids the production of new items and reuses existing ones in a circular economy approach.
  • Responsible production: * customization of items produced 100% to order in Portugal or in France according to your criteria (recycled fibers, organic cotton, upcycling...): t-shirts, shirts, down jackets, polo shirts, caps, tote bags...
  • Made-to-measure: * a creation from A to Z, hand in hand with our customers, specific or technical pieces, everything is possible (style, material, cut...). Textiles are produced 100% in France or in Portugal according to your wishes. Our latest project is the creation of kitchen jackets and service clothes for a high-end restaurant group.
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Co-founder & Commercial Director

Marie, who co-founded Club Tina, focuses on the commercial and financial aspects of the company while keeping an overview of the company's evolution and its various contracts.

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Astrid is in charge of the other poles such as production and marketing. She supervises the different tasks of the projects to bring them to a successful conclusion.

In the wake of this, for several months, the team set about the task of developing the first drafts and thus proposing, when the time came, a concrete, quality service, driven by values. Thus, we had to look for workshops and partners who could provide responsible textiles that we could then personalize; but also, to study the market and the competitors.

At the time, two aprentice students were already present:

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*Communication & Webmarketing Manager

Elise is mainly in charge of the content that can be found on the website or on social networks.

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Production Manager

Alexia is often in charge of launching productions, of the contact with the workshops and provides the rest of her team with a lot of know-how thanks to her mastery of various design software.

This period also made possible the realization of a photo shooting to highlight and distinguish our different offers. We gathered as many second hand pieces as possible, from our unsold items but also from our collection made in our partner workshop in Portugal for the "Local" offer.

In March, it's time to launch the site, which has been designed to have as little environmental impact as possible. On the day of the launch, we also welcome our third intern, who arrives perfectly to support and start the activity.

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Business developper

Morgane goes out looking for potential clients and is a big part of Club Tina's outreach. She easily identifies customer needs and responds with enthusiasm.

The means of communication and word of mouth allowed us to attract our first orders.

We are then delighted to realize that many companies with projects with or without impact call upon us to dress and unite their teams. Among them: Andy Family, Coach Zola, Barooders or Farmitoo!

During the month of April, we were busy meeting the needs of our customers, while at the same time working on the development of new products to meet the needs of new business sectors such as restaurants.

This is also the period during which we established a partnership with BZB as part of our "Unsold" offer. In this perspective, BZB provides us with unsold textiles (t-shirts or sweatshirts) allowing us to standardize the products of our offer!

In June, the team grows and welcomes the first boy of the team

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Business Developper Basé dans le sud-ouest, Tristan est en charge de développer l’activité dans les environs. Son arrivée a également permis à l’équipe commerciale de se répartir les nombreux secteurs pour répondre aux besoins larges des clients.

At the moment, the Club Tina team is taking advantage of the summer to perfect its proposals as well as to multiply its products but especially to prepare for a new shooting and a small move...

Yes, Club Tina will soon say goodbye to the 27 nursery which contributed to its launch but also saw it grow. The team, which has to welcome new members, will move to a new district to be closer to its Parisian workshop!

Things to remember:

  • New products will be available for customization with your company colors
  • Club Tina is moving
  • The team will grow again