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A party is coming up and you need a gift for your team?

Club Tina propose you custom or second hand embroidered sweatshirts

The custom embroidered sweater is a comfortable sweater to wear at any time of day and on almost any occasion. Easy to customize and in any color. Personalized embroidered sweatshirts are the perfect gift for many occasions: new hire gifts, team building, retirement, Christmas parties and thank you gifts.

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1 - Recognition: Embroidered sweatshirts customized with your logo for your employees show your gratitude and respect towards them.

2 - Sense of belonging: Personalized clothing federates your teams! They will be able to proudly wear the colors of the company. And they will have the feeling of belonging to a group which is very important for the well-being at work! The personalized embroidered sweatshirt is an assured group cohesion!

3 - Communication: with the personalized embroidered sweatshirts, your employees wear the colors of your brand and mark the spirits! During the travel of your employees, your logo is present everywhere and the message is easily conveyed. You increase your visibility, a good publicity is brought and your future customers will be more and more numerous!

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And 4 good reasons to offer a personalized embroidered sweater from Club Tina:

1 - Ethical & local: Club Tina responds to your needs by offering you, always, the most responsible alternative.

  • For the local and customized offer, our custom embroidered sweatshirts are 100% European, they are designed in France and then manufactured in Portugal or in France according to your wishes.
  • We offer customized embroidered sweatshirts from second hand. The sweatshirts are recovered from factories, sorted, selected, washed and embroidered by our Parisian partner workshop.
  • Unsold items are also a possibility at Club Tina! We buy sweatshirts from brands that empty their stock and then we transform these products into customized embroidered sweatshirts adapted for YOU!
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2 - Many innovative and original offers: At Club Tina, you can be free to think the garment you want! From crewnecks in solid colors to hoodies with your choice of laces, with or without pockets... We offer a wide range of choices from socks to caps! Everything is customizable with an embroidery or a print or BOTH! We have even launched a new offer: customizable patches to stick on any garment!

3 - We try as much as possible to opt for a Green logistics. We are constantly thinking about optimizing green means of transportation. Moreover, we prefer to use bicycles for our deliveries in Paris and suburbs. Finally, our carton boxes are reused until the end of their life.

4 - Our personalized embroidered sweatshirts can be made of 100% eco-friendly cotton and certified GOTS on request. Of course, for all our textiles other materials are available and they are selected by you according to your needs!

Think about request a quote now to offer your personalized embroidered sweatshirts to your employees in time and don't hesitate to look at our offers that will make you a trendy company!