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The corporate clothing sector

The engine of textile personalization, the personalized corporate clothing associates values of cohesion and belonging to a group. These textiles are generally provided with a company logo and thus have a major communication role.

Team-building and company commitment

Personalized clothing with the company's colors implies a certain harmony in the team. Indeed, providing these textiles brings a cohesion necessary for a good teamwork. For the company, it is a good way to increase the feeling of belonging of its team.

By this same means, the employer is committed. It works for the well-being of its employees but also for the maintenance of its image.

Means of communication and image

A personalized corporate clothing is practical to increase the pride of an employee to belong to his team. A happy employee is an employee who will speak well of his work and participate in its influence. Good working conditions rhyme with the attractiveness of the company and thus, attract new talents.

The different types of textiles

But what are the textiles under the term "personalized corporate clothing"? Sweatshirts, t-shirts, socks, totebags, shirts, chef's hats ... There are all types of products for companies that can be customized.

In this way, they can be given to employees or intended for sale.

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Do you know where the majority of corporate custom apparel comes from? Well, most employers don't know either.

With a little research, we realize that they come from Asia, creating a significant carbon footprint for European companies.

There is a real opportunity to have a responsible and positive impact on the textile industry. In this sense, we have created 4 great offers.

  • The "Local" offer : [https://clubtina.fr/local] Our collection of 100% Portuguese basics that you can customize with your company colors.

  • The "Second hand" offer : https://clubtina.fr/seconde-main Recovered textiles to give them a second life and personalize them!

  • The "Unsold" offer : https://clubtina.fr/invendus Reinvent new but forgotten clothes by personalizing them with your image. You avoid producing and reduce the impact of textile production.

  • The "Made-to-measure" offer : https://clubtina.fr/contact-sur-mesure

Realize your customized outfits by being accompanied by our care, from A to Z.