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Interview with Notox, the ecological and efficient surfboards

This week, Axel Bouzonnie from Notox has answered the Club Tina questions! Notox is specialized in the development and the realization of surfboards called of new generation; indeed, those combine high performance and high environmental quality.

That's why we wanted to know more about Notox, its development and its values by interviewing Axel!

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The Questions

**- Could you start by introducing Notox? What is its history?

The story of NOTOX started in 2006 when Pierre and Benoit, co-founders, visited a professional surfboard manufacturing workshop. They were dismayed by the discrepancy between the image conveyed by the surf industry, which claims to be close to nature, and the significant environmental impact generated by the production of the boards. They therefore decided to reinvent the manufacturing of surfboards so that it would be less polluting and respectful of the health of those who make them, without compromising their performance.

**- What materials are used in your boards?

We use natural, recycled or renewable materials.

For the core we use polystyrene, part of which is recycled. For the composite, we replace fiberglass, which is very energy consuming during its manufacture, with flax fiber, cork, or upcycled carbon fiber. We have also replaced the traditional epoxy or polyester resin by a resin composed of 56% of vegetable matter.

**- What concrete actions have you taken to limit your impact on the environment?

In addition to the above-mentioned materials integrated in the manufacturing process, we have implemented other actions to limit our impact as much as possible:


75% of the waste from our production is recycled, which leaves only 1kg of untreated waste per board produced.


Our boards are made in France in our workshop in Anglet, Basque Country. We source our boards within a 900 km radius, in order to reduce CO2 emissions generated by transportation while contributing to the local economy.


We use technological processes such as vacuum bagging to reduce the amount of resin used while obtaining a more homogeneous result.

Whenever we have the opportunity, we measure the environmental impact of our products using an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). An environmental impact score is calculated for each stage of the cycle, from raw material extraction to the end of the board's life, including transportation, energy, waste during production and delivery, and board use and repairs.

We invite you to learn more on our website by following this link :) : https://notoxsurf.com/pages/a-propos

**- We saw your rescue board project. Could you explain us what it consisted of?

Rescues allow to intervene quickly in case of swimmer in distress, to be on the water, to increase the surveillance capacity by being closer to the swimmers... but it is a very solicited tool. We had heard that traditional rescues are damaged very quickly and that their life span is limited to a few seasons.

With the help of Jean-Philippe Savy (head of the rescue station of the Lette Blanche in Vielle-Saint-Girons), we imagined and developed a more durable, more ecological rescue, better adapted to the needs of professionals.

Concretely, we obtain a paddle rescue :

  • lighter: 8kg equipped for a model of 9'0 x 23.25 x 5.12 with a volume of 161 liters.
  • more manageable: thanks to the numerous improvements made following the ideas of the rescuers in the field.
  • more durable over time: 1 - these boards cannot take water, 2 - they have an integral grip (thanks to the cork) and 3 - can be repaired and refurbished almost indefinitely (with an estimated nominal life span of 7 years)
  • more ecological and local: as for our construction KORKO, we use a maximum of materials from recycling and renewable resources (recycled extruded polystyrene and 56% bio-sourced epoxy resin), but also cork grown and processed in the Landes region, 40 kms from our workshop! Since then, many communities, town halls or associations are interested in our rescue to be able to equip themselves with it!

**- What motivated your collaboration with Club Tina?

We were looking for a partner with whom we could share the same values, in particular a strong sensitivity to eco-responsibility and benevolence in human relations.

Club Tina also differentiates itself by proposing a diversified offer with different supply channels, always in phase with the values of eco-responsibility (second hand, unsold goods etc...)

Finally, what a reactive team! A real pleasure :)

**- What can we wish you for the future ?

Only happiness 😁 (for us, our partners and our community! )

- How would you describe Notox today in one sentence? And in one word?

A pioneering, innovative and human company that wants to revolutionize the practice of ocean and nature lovers for a more sustainable world :)