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Interview with Marie from Andy Family

The first marketplace dedicated to used toys.

This week, the CEO of [Andy Family] (https://andy.family/) answered our questions about her project of a marketplace dedicated to second-hand toys. At Club Tina, we love second hand, whether in the textile field or in other sectors.

That's why we wanted to know more about Andy Family and how it works by interviewing Marie!

**- Hello Marie, can you start by introducing yourself ?

Hello team!!! Thank you for welcoming me on your blog 😁 Nice to meet you, Marie, 29 years old (and all my teeth). I created Andy Family, a website for buying and selling used toys. I'm also a fan of good food with friends and family, walking around Paris, glittering and board game nights :)

**- What is the history of Andy Family ? How did you get the idea?

I am the oldest of 7 children. When I was little, my grandmother organized the "toy fair" in my town. So my toys have always been mostly second-hand, and then they went to my cousins, brothers and sisters... It always worked out very well, and I even thought that everybody did it that way. (A little) later, I worked for a large toy distributor. There I discovered the ecological and financial impact of toys. So I said to myself that there was something to do!

**- How does [Andy Family] work (https://andy.family/)?

We want to keep the trade-offs associated with second hand to a minimum. For buyers, the experience is as close as possible to a new purchase website: the product sheets are detailed, the interface is well designed... For sellers, two options to help families give a second life to their toys:

  • sell on our marketplace, directly. We sell more expensive, but we have to store, take pictures.
  • use our buy-back service: we take all the toys that are not used anymore, we put them in a box, and Andy buys them back directly (if it's in our criteria). Practical for families who are short of time.

**- How many of you work at [Andy Family] (https://andy.family/)?

I have two apprentices, and I'm lucky enough to have a company that speaks to a lot of people, so a few little hands come in sometimes to help generously. Thanks to you, if you recognize yourself :)

- What has been your favorite moment since the launch?

Honestly, every day is better than the last. So every day is my favorite day! I feel like the projects that are being put in place are the right ones, and I can see that it's really giving back to the families, and that's so cool!

**- What is the most fun part of the used toy business?

The IPCC has said that every ton counts in the fight against global warming. If we pull the string a little, every toy counts. So, dear families reading this, go second hand! If that doesn't convince you, you should know that when they leave the factory, the toys are still full of volatile organic compounds (I'll let you look them up on Google). In fact, even for your health, it's much better to buy second hand 🙃

- Do you practice second hand in other areas.

Of course I do! My apartment is furnished mostly second hand. I would say 60% of my clothes are, I need to get better at that. And when my apprentice had her birthday, I gave her a second hand sweater embroidered with our logo, by Club Tina of course.

**- Do you have any other causes that are important to you that you would like to share?

Great to have a female Prime Minister. It'll be even better when it's no longer a victory !!!! And if not, take the train instead of the plane, you'll see it's much better :))))

**- Finally, what are your objectives at Andy Family ? What can we wish you?

I have only one objective: that when a French family buys a toy, they first think of looking at Andy Family.

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