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Interview with ADOK, the tactile hub

A responsible innovation

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When we offer a BTOB (business to business) service, it is common to meet companies with projects that speak to us, resemble us and on which we like to communicate. Indeed, this month, we made the t-shirts of ADOK, the trendy touch hub! When they chose our second hand offer and we discovered their project, we quickly understood that we had values in common.

That's why we said to ourselves: why not highlight our customers on our blog through their activity and their company?

Paul Péretié, CEO of ADOK, played the game and answered our questions.

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The questions

- Could you start by introducing Adok? What is its history?

Adok was born in 2016 from the idea that we could offer an alternative to touchscreens that was more flexible, more collaborative, and more suitable for many environments. So we developed our own touch projection technology, which turns any surface into a collaborative interface for professionals. After 3 years of R&D to come up with an accomplished product, we launched the industrialization in France, in Dieppe at Toshiba.

**- You describe Adok as a Touch Hub, what exactly is it?

The Adok Touch Hub is a three-in-one mobile device. It embeds a Windows 10 PC, a pico-projector and above all a touch system. It works very simply: you put it on a table or against a wall, and it becomes a touch screen of one meter diagonal.

**- How did your collaboration with Toshiba come about?

We wanted to manufacture in France, because we are aware of the ecological impact of an electronic product. Moreover, we are convinced that France has industrial resources that are too often neglected, and that it is not necessarily more relevant to manufacture on the other side of the world, especially for products with high added value. We have been proven right, as international transport costs have risen sharply, and Made in France has become a very strong commercial argument.

**- You say that the Adok technology reduces the ecological impact? Can you explain how it works?

Compared to a one meter diagonal touch screen, manufactured on the other side of the world, a Touch Hub emits 4.5 times less greenhouse gas over its entire life. In concrete terms, it requires less rare metals to produce it, it is manufactured close to the majority of our customers, it consumes much less, and is better recycled.

**- What motivated your collaboration with Club Tina?

We want to be consistent in our approach. We are well aware that we are not perfect on everything regarding the impact of our activity. It's impossible to be. But we are always looking for ways to improve. When the choice came up to make new T-shirts for the team, the second-hand alternative appealed to us.

**- Do you have other causes that are close to your heart?

The development of transportation and logistics by bicycle rather than by motorized vehicles.

**- How would you describe Adok today, in one sentence? And in one word?

In one sentence, Adok is a crazy team working on a very innovative product. In one word, tactile of course!