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Focus on Repetita, actor of the second hand furniture market

The second hand market, which has been expanding for several years, is notably solicited by the new modes of consumption advocating the non-production of waste or the revalorization of all types of objects. Whether it's toys (remember our article on Andy Family?), clothes (the Second hand and Unsold offers of Club Tina are professional) or even furniture.

And it is on this last sector that we will concentrate today by talking about Repetita !

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Marketplace specialized in furniture, decoration and tableware, it presents Made in France brands that offer second hand furniture, second hand or new but from old collections. By differentiating on its website between second hand and upcycling furniture stores, Repetita supports brands to undertake anti-waste approaches.

**Why is it so important to implement anti-waste initiatives? In 2020, an anti-waste law for a circular economy (AGEC) was enacted. First concerning food products, it is now extended to the clothing or even furniture sectors since 2022. Indeed, in order to accelerate changes in consumption and production, the AGEC law now concerns the prohibition of destroying all unsold goods.

In order to reduce and limit the production of waste by destocking while preserving natural resources, Repetita organizes "antigaspi flash sales" which feature new products from old collections at the best price.

Commitment is not lacking at Repetita. Not only is the purchase of second-hand items or furniture made in France a real commitment to the planet, the marketplace is also committed to associations and organizations such as Ecotree, which works to preserve the biodiversity of forests in France. For example, they participate in the financing of the responsible management of twenty chestnut trees in Brittany, in the forest of Pleyben.

Using Repetita is in this way, showing a commitment to the environment because being passionate about decoration is not necessarily in disagreement with the fact of regularly changing furniture. To remain in its optics of durability, it is thus enough to get some on sites of second-hand furniture not to buy some new.

Among the brands that can be found on Repetita, they are mostly nice brands of furniture Made in France or even of decoration Made in France with a significant know-how and translating a support for the French economy. In fact, highlighting these companies in the furniture, decoration and tableware sectors helps support and create jobs in the French regions; regions that have more ethical production processes and are aware of current and future environmental issues.

These different brands can then present distinct models which constitute the following list:

  • Reconditioned after sales service** These are generally items that are subject to returns because the purchasers have changed their minds.
  • Display models** Display models are products that are on display in the shop window. These are products that are displayed in the window and attract the eye of the customer. Renewed each season according to the trends, they represent a notion of second hand, being almost new.
  • The prototypes** These are the drafts obtained during the creation process of the finished product that are functional and can be obtained at a better price!
  • Upcycled collections** These are collections that offer new items obtained using old products or materials. This practice allows the reduction of waste in a consistent manner!

Finally, Repetita does not leave out private individuals who can also put their furniture, decoration or tableware items on sale as long as they meet the criteria required by the marketplace. The second hand furniture has only to behave well!

The delivery costs of the products are to be paid by the buyer and Repetita advises to use its partner Cocolis, the first parcel-carriage website; an economical and ecological solution.

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