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Engaged and inspiring customers

The example of Take a Waste

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It's been a few months since the [Club Tina] adventure began (https://clubtina.fr/) and we are already proud of the progress we have made. Notably thanks to the presence of very inspiring impact companies that call on us and whose values correspond to ours.

We were thrilled to have Take a Waste as one of our first clients, who asked us to outfit their team with custom second-hand t-shirts!

By choosing our flagship offer of the second hand, they have allowed us to give a new life to textiles left in the closet and especially, to continue in this optics of zero waste.

Take a Waste aims to accompany the companies that call upon them to achieve zero waste. More precisely, they first help to optimize the management of waste by setting up for example the sorting or by informing the maximum on how to reduce to the maximum its production of waste and the generated costs.

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Common values

Common values which can be translated for example by the commitment behind certain laws such as the one concerning the prohibition of the destruction of clothes.

The textile industry, strongly pointed out because of its presence in the most polluting sectors in the world, presents enormous concerns. Indeed, the repeated scandals concerning the destruction of unsold clothes of fashion brands involving big names like Burberry, H&M or Celio have led to the creation of the ban on this practice and forcing brands to find a solution, because producing to destroy is against everything we could do for the planet.

At Club Tina, we immediately thought of creating an offer to meet the need! Thus, with the help of our unsold goods, our customers do not generate polluting production and processes and our partner brands can sell their stocks in a much more responsible and ethical way. We are honored to have among our collaborators BZB, formerly Bizzbee, which will be the subject of an upcoming article 🤫

While we're at it, Club Tina is hosting an event on Thursday, June 16, 2022 at the Social bar (25, rue Villiot, 75012📍) to allow for the purchase of customizable second-hand fine stock. We will then be able to exchange together over drinks while uniting together to do good for our planet!

We thank Social bar for collaborating with Club Tina around this project. Created in 2016, Social bar is the first collaboratively funded bar where 15% of the profits are donated to nonprofits. Partisans of the homemade, do not hesitate to go to their website to take into account their different parties; we heard about blindtest parties or even karaoke quite famous 😉

We're proud to collaborate with so many committed companies whose activities have a meaning.

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