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Participate in the design of your garment from A to Z


Club Tina's custom-made offer gives you the possibility to create even more personalized textiles. Indeed, you can participate in the whole elaboration of the product by specifying the type of products (everything is possible: kitchen jackets, bartenders' shirts, aprons, bags...), the measures, the fabric, the patterns etc. So you can participate in the production of kitchen jackets, work clothes, caps... We make everything at Club Tina!

Thus, we have developed a clear and simple process →

  1. If you want to make specific textiles, 100% custom-made, you just have to ask for a quote in the "Custom-made" offer or contact us directly via the contact page.

  2. A member of our team will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to discuss your project. We will discuss with you the desired model, budget, different sizes, fabric, colors, measurements etc.

  3. Our stylists then design the textiles with you from A to Z. Each detail of each piece is validated with you, from the button to the color of the seam. Everything is made to measure so that the design stage is carried out together and that we give life to your desires.

  4. Once the estimate is sent and the prototypes validated, production begins!

  5. Our human-sized workshops in Portugal take care of the design and production of the ordered pieces and all this happens in a responsible way! You benefit from quality fabrics, eco-responsible and a custom production that does not incur any loss.

  6. You receive your textiles in a beautiful Club Tina packaging (responsible, like the rest) and send us a picture of you and your team wearing them!