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Club tina, specialist in the creation of personalized clothing

Want to know more about the Club Tina service? We'll give you a quick recap below.

More than a simple personalization solution, Club Tina offers a real service of creation of personalized clothing. Club Tina advises, accompanies and manages all the textile needs of companies, whether they are more or less technical, more or less design.

By choosing to keep a hand on the entire production process, from the textile base to the personalization, we have specialized in the creation of responsible personalized clothing, and not only on the personalization of responsible clothing... It's just one word in this sentence, but it's our biggest difference.

Whether you are a startup that wishes to federate its teams, a small business that wishes to promote its brand (and its commitments) via textile equipment, or an association that needs merchandising... Club tina accompanies you from A to Z in creating your personalized clothing, for unique pieces, thought by you, made by us.

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The creation of personalized clothing within a company can have several objectives. Often, the first objective is visibility; in fact, personalized textiles are a means of communication like any other. And by choosing Club tina, you are not only communicating your brand, but much more than that. By choosing Club tina, you share your commitments and values.

The creation of personalized clothing is also a real tool of federation; the company culture becomes essential at the time when the young employees are in search of direction and well being in their professional life... A clothing personalized with the name of its company takes part in creating this feeling of belonging, essential in the development of a company.

Finally, the creation of personalized clothing can have as a simple objective to equip; certain companies have precise clothing needs and wish to equip their collaborators with durable products, which last in time.

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It is by mastering the entire chain of creation of personalized clothing that we obtain this flexibility, allowing us to meet a number of requirements and/or constraints.

  • For example, do you want an eco-responsible personalized t-shirt, but with a longer than average cut (oversize)? From only 50 pieces, we can make it for you!
  • Thinking of a personalized sweater made in France? It's also possible with Club Tina!
  • Or finally, you dream of a personalized embroidered apron with a very specific and particular design? It's still possible, with our offer "creation of customized clothing" .

With this "custom-made" offer, you imagine the product, we take care of the rest! From design to delivery and production, our service is 100% European. Our partner production workshop is located in Portugal.

Our other offers "revalorisation", let you choose between many products such as personalized eco-responsible t-shirts and customizable second hand hoodies... Our second hand clothes come from partners specialized in the recovery of forgotten clothes. Unsold products are recovered from partner brands from whom we recover forgotten stocks...

You've already ordered your custom corporate sweatshirts but want to add a new logo? Our latest offer (https://clubtina.fr/ecusson) is made for you: personalized patches as well as personalized iron-on badges to be stuck on a textile or other support.

You can now use the tools available to have a visual of your personalization !

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