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Club Tina for an optimized carbon footprint

Paying attention to one's impact on the environment is nowadays essential, everyone has to act on their habits in order to preserve our planet.

To reduce this impact, companies have several levers on which to act, including reducing their carbon footprint. It is in this sense that the mission and benefits of Club Tina also reside in the reduction of a certain carbon footprint.

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But first, what is the carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint is a process to indicate and measure the impact of a task, an activity on the environment. This calculation is specific to any entity, be it an individual, a company or a territory. Indeed, the carbon footprint will globally focus on the greenhouse gas emissions generated and the extent to which they affect the environment, the planet and the quality of life; this is why the indicator is expressed in carbon dioxide equivalent (eqCO2, eq. CO2, CO2e or CO2-eq).

—> ** Carbon dioxide equivalent Carbon dioxide equivalent is quantified in a metric measure that allows comparison between various greenhouse gas emissions based on their GWP (global warming potential). This measure is used so that all the different gases can be quantified using a single indicator.

—> ** Global Warming Potential The Global Warming Potential is an indicator that combines the combined effect of substances that contribute to the greenhouse effect into a single value.

There are different types of greenhouse effects such as those emitted by households or companies. Indeed, many activities are at the origin of the emission of greenhouse gases and it would be complicated to mention them all. However, we can differentiate between greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide being the most widespread, there are others. Among them, nitrous oxide** (N2O), hydrofluorocarbon**, methane, sulfur hexafluoride and perfluorocarbon.

So many substances generated by the automobile, meat production, air conditioning, transportation or importation!

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Club Tina offers

Club Tina, with its 4 offers, acts positively on your carbon footprint in the field of production or creation of professional clothing.


Club Tina's "Local" offer promises you new, responsible and unifying textiles! It is after sourcing the most ethical workshops, finding the best materials available for the planet and working on the notion of team spirit that we launched this process. By creating in Europe while addressing companies in Europe, the environmental impact is carefully reduced. It is our workshops and collaborators in Portugal that make this possible.

THE "[SECOND HAND]" OFFER (https://clubtina.fr/seconde-main) :

Club Tina's "Second Hand" offer recovers and gives a second life to forgotten pieces. The big plus of this offer lies in the fact that no production is involved. Textile production is very polluting. Moreover, our partners of the "Seconde Main" offer are mostly located in the Paris area, which again reduces the environmental impact by using less transportation.


The "Unsold" offer, a real Club Tina asset that allows us to reduce our carbon footprint when ordering personalized corporate clothing, calls on our collaborating brands to provide us with unsold items, which by definition have never been worn. The shipment is done in France from their warehouses and considerably reduces the environmental impact that could be.

THE "[CUSTOM] OFFER" (https://clubtina.fr/contact-sur-mesure) :

The "Custom" offer has the same advantages as the "Local" offer. Indeed, it is also produced in our Portuguese workshops with the healthiest materials available.

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The carbon footprint specialists

For the most interested and those who want to succeed in measuring and reducing their carbon footprint, Greenly is your friend!

They are de facto carbon emission specialists and they help the companies that call upon them to reduce their carbon footprint. They even wrote about "The right methods to reduce emissions"