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Wholesaler of personalized clothing

Club tina adapts to the needs and now offers a wholesale service for blank personalized clothing

We offer now all the products of our collection Local Production without personalization:

  • Wholesale blank sweatshirt ? We can provide you with our blank sweatshirts, without labels.

  • Supplier of organic cotton shirts ? We do too, right here. Possibility to buy the blank tshirt without label.

  • Wholesale sweat made in France ? Choose this model, we can provide it to you in wholesale.

  • Blank polos ? We have just here

  • Or are you looking for blank tote bags made in France ? We also have what you need in blank totebag

In short, we supply all our products made in France and made in Portugal, wholesale. Are you interested in our services as a wholesaler of blank personalized clothing? Just contact us here